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Believe Right TV ("BRTV") is the video production of MFC Ministries, Inc located in Morgantown, WV. BRTV launched on November 1, 2015. Its predecessor, Heirloom Time TV, aired for 9 years (October 2006 through October 2015) with 470 thirty-minute episodes. The Executive Producers of BRTV are Joe & Rena Perozich who are assisted by their dedicated team of ministry staff and volunteers. BRTV is a weekly production and can be seen on various regional television networks in North Central West Virginia and South Western Pennsylvania. A full broadcast schedule can be found here.


Why “Believe Right”?

What you believe impacts what you will receive in your life. If you believe  and speak God’s Word in every circumstance, you will have His very best for your life. Believe Right TV is intended to empower its viewers to choose life over death, health and wellness over sickness, prosperity over poverty, and harmony in their marriages instead of strife. If you are lacking in your life… in any area (physical, mental, emotional, financial, relational), the truths contained in this program can change your life. If you’ll only believe what you hear and apply the biblical principles taught weekly on Believe Right TV, things will get better!


We welcome your prayer requests and praise reports via our online submission form, by phone at 304-292-7283, or by email at

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